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Welcome to Where sending claims are easy and FREE. We can work with most management systems and for those providers that do not have a medical management system we have a free claim entry software or you can enter your claims online. By sending your claims electronically you can benefit from the following: Quicker payments - By sending your claims electronically you are paid quicker because the claims are received by the payer within 24 hours after transmittal. Reduce cost - By sending your claims electronically you can reduce the cost of stamps, forms and the amount of time your staff spend stuffing envelopes and tracking claims. Better tracking of claims - When you send your claim electronically you receive reports that alert you to whether your claims were rejected and the current status of the claims. Reduce lost time - Most payers have a deadline on the length of time in which the claims can be submitted after service is done. With electronic claims you are alerted to a problem with your claims within 24 to 72 hours as oppose to paper which can take several weeks. Online Medical Billing FreeMedicalClaims claim service will significantly reduce errors, rejections and increase reimbursement without all the hassles. Specific Real-time, interactive and payer-specific field edits. Comprehensive and timely claim error reports Support for a variety of different electronic claims format, including ANSI, NSF, print file capture and proprietary formats. Daily Claims Status Reports. Medical Billing and Remittance Advice. medical billing for physicians medical billing for optometrists medical billing for physical therapists medical billing for podiatrists Organize your office, Many healthcare providers believe that their office is organized, but with the efficiency of electronic claims an unorganized office will become overwhelmed by the amount of information received. Review payer list, Please take a look at our payer list before signing up for online electronic claims. Although, every insurance company must accept claims since 2002, some have not made the transition as of yet. Make sure the companies that you are most interested in sending electronically is on the list. If at least 30% of your daily claim volume can be sent electronically we recommend signing up for electronic claims. The cost savings and cash flow increase can still be achieved.